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Floral Fatale

The female form and botanical illustration are both common themes in art. Among many connotations, flowers are associated with femininity, fertility, and purity. My series, Floral Fatale, juxtaposes the female body with toxic flora. These plants have the ability to cause nerve damage, respiratory paralysis, heart tremors, hallucinations, and death. Using watercolor, I mimic the diaphanous nature of the petals. With gray values, I bring structure to the shadows and highlights of the female form while creating an ethereal tone. I have removed negative space to emphasize shape. The floating frame creates depth, and shadows provide interest as they interact with the changing light.

     Judging something by appearance can be a grave mistake.  A person unwilling to respect the boundaries of poisonous plants and flowers will learn the consequences of their actions quickly. As a woman, I wish I had such a potent defense against the dangers and misjudgments surrounding me.

"Bleeding Hearts", Watercolor on paper,14" x 11" x .75", 2022

"Wisteria & Monkshood", Watercolor on paper, 14", 11", .75", 2020

"Wisteria & Monkshood", Watercolor on paper, 14" x 11" x .75", 2020

Angel's Trumpets, Watercolor on paper, 20.75" x 15"x .75", 2020

"Angel's Trumpets", Watercolor on paper, 20.75" x 15" x .75",  2020

"Foxgloves", Watercolor on paper, 21" x 11" x .75", 2020

"Foxgloves", Watercolor on paper, 21" x 11" x .75", 2020

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